Who we are

Let's turn the world inside out

No one has only one side, what we are defines us inside and outside Bora. We are managers, marketeers, designers, programmers, copywriters, dancers, cyclists, permaculture enthusiasts, swimmers, musicians, parents, mothers, sons and daughters. After years of working at major national and international distribution, hospitality, consulting and digital companies, we have decided to own our time and our wishes and allocate our curiosity and experience to projects we believe in and want help grow.


Creation and implementation of projects that are as sustainable as possible in their social, environmental and economic impact.


Faces and Hearts

Two former colleagues and friends met at a crossroad in their lives. They were very fond of what they did, but they felt that management and marketing needed a purpose that inspired them, more disruptive thinking, and a more human and organic side of relationships. They felt that the only way to fulfill themselves would be to build a new story. They surrounded themselves with talented people they admired, extending their arms and reaching for projects they identify with.

Bora, Full Service Agency
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“I tell myself sometimes. If the worm can turn into a butterfly, why wouldn't we be capable of such a metamorphosis? It does not mean that wings were born on our backs, but perhaps we had something more winged in the spirit.”, Edgar Morin